Like his eyes and his smile
Like the sound and his style
Change the look, change the face
Follow our lead , stay in the race

Brody, you're the one
Let's give you a song that will make the girls cry

Now you're ready, ready to shine
Follow our lead and you'll do fine
give 'm all you got
You'll hear people screaming your name
your life will never be the same
Sign the dotted line now your ass belongs to us so sing
Show you can dance
This is the moment you don't get a second chance

Brody, you're the one
Sing that song that will make the girls cry
Brody come to me
You are the sun in the darkness of puberty

Let me breathe, let me live
let me be my own person
Let me grow, let me show
Show you I can be much more oh please.

(M & L: I. de Graaf, J. Rijnveld)