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Maaike started playing the Violin at the age of 9 taught by her father who was a violinist in the The Hague Philharmonic. During her childhood Maaike had a large musical education with both parents being musicians. After playing the violin, she decided to start playing cello at the age of 13. Maaike's teachers were great cellists like Michel Roche (Utrecht Conservatory, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra) Ceacilia van Hoof (The Hague Philharmonic), Maria Starke (The Hague Philharmonic) Lucia Swarts (Royal Conservatory The Hague, Schönberg Ensemble, the ASKO Ensemble and the Amsterdam Bach Soloists and the Netherlands Bach Association Baroque Orchestra). She graduated in music and cello at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 1999. As of her Music taste, it goes from Apocalyptica to Albinoni, Dream Theater to Dvorak, from Opeth to Orff, from Porcupine Tree to Prokofiev and from System of A Down to Sjostakovitsj and everything in between. With big examples as Jacqueline DuPre and Pablo Casals she developed to a Classical Rock Cellist and wouldn't want it any other way. Musical teacher in elementary school during the day, playing on stage at night, she wouldn't want it to be another way.
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Date of Birth:    August 14th, 1972

Things that I'm good at:
Playing cello I guess, teaching kids all about music and think I'm good at listening to people and daydream alllll day....

Things I don't like doing but must:
Waking up at 5.30 am, but I have to in order to get to work. Oh...and any kind of household things...I hate to do that.

Something I've always watend to do but couldn't or wasn't allowed to:
I'd love to play bass guitar...think that's cool, but at least I have strings. I wasn't allowed by my celloteacher to play bass because of the difference in position of the way you play the instrument.

If I were invisible for one day I would... a fly, and do some serious looking around in other people's places...then go to a chocolate factory like willy wonka's and since I'm a one day fly live my last hours in the most fairy tale like surrounding I can imagine.

If I could switch places with a person (historical or recent) it would be...
...André Citroen, the automobile manufacturer of the brand Citroen to be there to invent the Citroen 2cv6, I'd love to be there.

I never leave the house without... iPod...I know I should say my keys otherwise I'm not able to ever come into my house again...but if I should make a's going to be the iPod...I can't live without music and we can break the I'll rather forget my keys.

I can't resist...
...chocolate, good music and Japanese food.

Favourite Kingfisher Sky - moment so far:
Boy, way too many to mention...but def one of the favourites was the Within Temptatioin Fanclub day...but also any moment backstage, we have the bestest fun ever!

I am looking forward to... more, more, more and more with Kingfisher Sky.

Anything else you'd like to say?
So great that you are reading this and it's amazing to have the fanclub and all the rock we can share with you!
Keep rawking you all!