Judith Rijnveld
©Richard Hilgeman/Kingfisher Sky

Judith sang in different school bands during high school. She started taking private singing lessons from her music teacher in high school and from the age of 17 Judith started her singing lessons with Pat Gideon, who had successfully worked on Broadway. Pat was her mentor during her auditions for the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where she studied Classical singing for two years with Rina Cornelissen. During her study at the Conservatory, Judith played in various theatre productions like ´Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny ´van Kurt Weill en Bertolt Brecht. The theatre, but also different musical genres were so important to her that she decided that she didn’t want to focus exclusively on Classical Music, leading her to leave the Conservatory. After leaving the Conservatory, she sang in various cover bands and discovered where her musical preferences were: Rock with some soul and now and then a little bit of Classical. She started making music with Ivar De Graaf that wasn’t set in a specific genre or style: Kingfisher Sky was born.
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Date of Birth:     September 30th, 1973

Things I'm good at:
singing, painting, cooking

Things I don't like doing but must:
getting up early

Something I've always wanted to do but couldn't or wasn't allowed to:
I wanted to ride a horse when I was little, but I
was too small

If I were invisible for one day, I would...
...freak out and tell everyone I love it was going to be oke.

If I could switch places with a person (historical or recent), it would be...
...Madonna. I would spend loads of money on saving whales.

I never leave the house without...
...clothes on.

I can't resist...
...sushi, Johnny Depp, Prosecco

Favourite Kingfisher Sky - moment so far:
backstage fun with Daan and Ivar in De Boerderij.

I am looking forward to...
...playing with the band.

Anything else you'd like to say?
I'm thankful to have a fanclub...How cool is that?