Ivar de Graaf
©Richard Hilgeman/Kingfisher Sky

From the age of 4 Ivar fell in love with music and particularly the band Jethro Tull. Later his love for Progressive music mixed with Heavy Rock. Ivar discovered the drums at age 16 and started a band with High School Friend Edo. He completely focused on music after High School and played in various rock cover bands. At age 18, Ivar also started playing the guitar and bass guitar, and writing his own material. He joined Within Temptation in 1996 and recorded 3 albums with this band - the last of which ('Mother Earth') reached the platinum status. Ivar quit Within Temptation after 7 years to develop his own work known by the name Kingfisher Sky, in cooperation with singer Judith. Later, Ivar played drums on 3 songs of Ian Parry's solo album 'Visions' and co-composed and played 5 songs on his 'Consortium 4'.
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Date of Birth:     August 20th, 1973

Things that I'm good at:
playing drums, making music

Things that I don't like but must: washing dishes

Somethig I've always wanted to do but couldn't or wasn't allowed to: playing the violin

If I were invisible for one day I would...
...probably play some practical jokes on people I don't like.

If I could switch places with a person (historical or recent) it would be...Frank Zappa

I never leave the house without...
...keys, cell phone, the usual stuff.

I can't resist...
...all things chocolate.

Favourite Kingfisher Sky - moment so far:
Mmmm, so many to choose from. Meeting a lot of new fans after show with Within Temptation was one of my favourite moments.

I am looking forward to...
...bringing some ROCK to you people!

Anything else you'd like to say?
Thanks for reading this and taking interest in this website.