We're raising the bar on this fourth record! Help us out to make this our best album yet!

And we're off! Off on that great adventure that will be our fourth album. We have raised the bar with this coming record. New impulses and flavours are added to the compositions without losing that Kingfisher Sky sound. We feel very strongly that this could be our best album yet so we want, nay, we NEED to get this music out there. And that is where you come in, dear reader. Please help us with this new endeavor.


Kingfisher Sky

Kingfisher Sky was founded in 2007 by drummer/songwriter Ivar de Graaf and singer/songwriter Judith Rijnveld.

The music we make is from the heart, with no specific style or genre in mind. You can hear progrock, pop, celtic and classical influences in all our songs.

We have released three albums and an EP thus far: Hallway of Dreams (2007), Skin of the Earth (2010), Arms of Morpheus (2014) and To Turn the Tables (2017). Arms of Morpheus would not have been possible without your help and generosity and we need you once more to make our fourth record a reality!

What We Need & What You Get

With this campaign we want to raise 9500 euro for the recording, mixing, mastering and promotion of our fourth album.

We have some unique items for you to obtain! Among others:

  • You can get a personalised 30 second jingle
  • We will come and play an acoustic set in your living room (only available for The Netherlands)
  • Unique KS items used on tour like the "Arms of Morpheus" banner

We can make this happen together! Let's make this fourth record the best KS record ever!

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help us by spreading the word about this campaign: share it with family, friends, on social media. You have our eternal gratitude!